From Grime to Shine: Power Washing the Ultimate Solution for Roof Cleaning

If you have a traditional asphalt shingle roof, it’s important to keep it clean. Besides boosting curb appeal and extending the lifespan of this popular roofing material, regular roof cleaning can also help prevent leaks by eliminating harmful growth that may erode the base of your shingles. While a roof washing company can do the job for you, there are also ways to clean your roof yourself using common household products and low pressure.

Unless you have a tile or metal roof, most experts do not recommend high-powered water jets to be used for home roof cleaning. The intense force and heat of these high-powered washers can damage your shingles, strip the granules off of tiles and erode the protective layer of the base of a metal roof. In addition, this type of cleaning can dislodge shingles and pull the nails that connect them, potentially leading to costly and damaging roof leaks.

Instead, a soft wash system with nontoxic detergents is recommended for virtually any roofing material, as it is safe for the shingles, tiles and metal. The cleaning process uses low-pressure to loosen unwanted materials such as dirt, mold, moss and algae, and the water pressure is only increased slightly when it’s time to lift these materials off of the rooftop surface. This is a much safer and more effective option than conventional power washing.

If you do prefer to use a power washer to clean your roof, choose a device with a lower PSI rating, so the water isn’t as forceful. A device that allows you to switch nozzles and settings from low to high is the best choice, as this makes it easier to manage and less likely to cause damage. A foam cannon is another good option, as it creates a more even and gentle stream of cleaning.

In addition to the above-mentioned reasons for not using a power washer on your shingle roof, it’s wise to consider professional roof cleaning services only occasionally. The roof is a big part of your home’s overall appearance, so a fresh and bright roof can boost curb appeal as well as the value of your property.

A professional can also provide other services for a refreshed exterior, such as driveway and sidewalk power washing. This can improve the look of these areas and make them easier to maintain while providing a great contrast to the crisp white of your home’s walls and roof.

Other home improvement projects that might be worth considering include installing a new gutter system to help protect your roof from the elements and make the most of your curb appeal, and a new paint job for your entire house to give it an updated look and freshen up the color scheme. For more information on protecting and beautifying your home’s exterior, contact the power washing expert at Arlington power washing company. We can help you determine what services are right for your home, including a regular roof cleaning to protect your investment and keep your home looking as great as possible.