How Large Format Promotional Material Can Drive Sales and Revenue

In a world oversaturated with cheap and easy marketing that all tries to grab people’s attention, large format printing helps your business stand out. Not only does it mass disseminate your brand, giving it the strength and reputation that larger businesses have, but it also converts passersby into customers. Industry leaders have elaborate display stands, vehicle wraps, and wall prints that draw the eye of local prospective clients, but you don’t need to be a big corporation to do the same. With the right large format printing partner, you can have a custom marketing solution designed specifically for your company.

When it comes to branding, large format printing gives you the power to make your visuals pop and attract attention from all sides. Whether it’s an outdoor sales event, a grand opening ofIn a world oversaturated with marketing material vying for attention, the savvy marketer knows that there are still ways to stand out and make an impact. Large format printing is one of the most powerful tools available to elevate a business’s marketing efforts. The versatility of large format printed advertising material is undeniable — allowing for a wide variety of applications from simple signage to elaborate exhibition booth displays.

Forget about boring promotional materials that do not stand out from the crowd. High-quality custom displays and signage, utilizing the power of large format printing can help elevate your business in the eyes of new customers. From trade shows and events to offices and the exterior of your business, eye-catching custom banners, displays, and wall decoration can show potential clients that you care about quality and professionalism.

Unlike smaller print items like flyers and brochures, which are generally used to capture the interest of passing customers or potential clients, large format printed advertising is designed to stand out on its own. This type of printing involves large sheets of material that are produced with a specific wide-format printer, which prints on various substrates such as canvas, tiles, plastic, or vinyl. These large sheets are then cut to a specific size and design, making them perfect for use on walls, windows, or doors.

When compared to a standard printer, the large-format printer has a maximum width of 18-100 inches and creates high-resolution prints by spraying ink onto the substrate in a coded pattern that matches the design you have specified. The end result is a piece of printed advertising that is vibrant, clear, and eye-catching.

While larger format print may be more costly than small-scale print, the return on investment is higher, as it can be seen by a greater number of people. The cost-effectiveness of large-scale printing also makes it more budget-friendly for businesses, allowing them to maximize their marketing efforts without expanding their budgets too much.

The most important factor in a successful large-scale printing campaign is paying close attention to detail. With items that are so big, any errors can be more visible and cause a negative impact than they would on smaller print products. The best way to avoid this is by double-checking everything before sending it to the printer.

If you are looking to add a bold, eye-catching element to your marketing campaigns, contact Affordable-Printing today. We are a full-service printing company in Salt Lake City, UT and can handle all aspects of your large-scale printing needs. From preparing your artwork to making sure it is printed accurately, we will ensure that your next large-scale advertisement is a marketing success! Contact us today for a free quote. We look forward to hearing from you! Posted in Marketing. Bookmark the permalink.

a new store, or a special holiday offering, banners are the perfect way to spread the word. With a wide range of options, including materials like 10mil semi-gloss, 32# bright white uncoated, gloss canvas, and 10mil backlit vinyl, you can find the perfect material to fit your branding needs.

Point-of-purchase signage
Whether you’re in retail or service, point-of-purchase signage is vital to winning the sale. A high-quality, eye-catching sign shouting “SALE! THIS WEEKEND ONLY!” or even just a well-designed logo on a window cling will catch the attention of your customers and entice them into your business.

Trade show graphics
When you’re going to a tradeshow, you need something that will set you apart from the competition. With custom booth signage, banners, and window clings, you can make sure that your brand is front and center for all of the potential leads at the show. These durable, high-quality pieces can also be used again for future events, saving you money on your next tradeshow ad campaign.

In-house use
When it’s time to revamp your office or update your conference room, a large format print can help bring your vision to life. Printed on the finest materials available, your large format visuals can add a whole new dimension to your space and make a great impression on both clients and employees alike.

With the right large format printing partner, you’ll have a team of dedicated graphic designers on hand to help you create an impactful marketing solution. With a wide range of materials, finishes, and sizes, the possibilities are endless. The key is to work with a team that understands your business and its goals, so they can tailor a solution to you that will really get results.